Directing for Television

Suzanne is passionate about her work and enjoys the process of bringing stories to life through filmmaking.   Filming for television is about creativity, getting the scenes and working with the writer, understanding the tone, and pitching new ideas when needed.  Suzanne enjoys the process of assisting actors to achieve their best performance.  Over her twenty-seven years in the industry,​ Suzanne has worked with many talented actors and directors​ on feature films, half-hour series, as well as an Emmy award winning comedy and drama.  While working on the features Pleasantville and Godzilla, and such shows as Pushing Daisies, ​BonesSmith, and Six Feet Under, Suzanne watched and learned how to tell a story through framing, camera movement and staging.  Over the years, Suzanne's knowledge, experience and understanding of animals, especially horses, has helped her while working on the western Purgatory and the horse-racing themed series Wildfire.  In recent years, she has worked on several television shows that incorporate stunt and special effects, gaining valuable knowledge in the technical intricacies of making great sequences to further the story and captivate the audience.  Suzanne has directed five episodes of network television.

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